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Stan & Heidi



Stan is a born and bred Mainer growing up in Woolwich and graduating from Morse High in 1991. His desire and dedication to broadcasting began at age 15 working at WIGY/WJTO, which seemed only fitting since he grew up listening to the likes of Chuck Night, C. Mac, Steve Maple, Mark Edwards, and Bob Anderson on the same station from the age of 10. Stan lives and breathes the radio life even chaining himself to a radio tower during his college years. Unfortunately, nobody knew he was there, and it took a week to find him.

He now lives in Auburn with his wife Alison and his sons Drew and Jakey. Stan also has two older sons Zach and Dustin. When he isn’t trying to make you laugh each morning, he can be found driving his golf cart around his yard for no particular reason. Stan is a die-hard Pats and Sox fan. He loves to be with his family, ski (at least try to ski), stare at his truck that he never drives, and visit one of his favorite spots on Earth, Popham Beach.


Heidi was born and raised in Presque Isle (GO WILDCATS!) – a graduate of the class of 1989. She moved to Southern Maine in 1992 and has been here since. She’s an only child which her mother claims is because, ‘One child like Heidi was enough’.

Heidi’s had many different jobs, but radio is where she found true love! She loves to talk and tell a story – whether it’s her own or someone else’s. Her radio career began in 2008, where she met Stan. They worked together for a decade before parting ways in 2018. Heidi went to work for Hannaford Bros. Corporation and enjoyed her time away from the mic, but clearly not enough to stay away from it. She’s super happy to be back working with Stan and learning all she can about Oxford County.

Heidi loves to laugh, especially at her own expense or that of her husband Andy. Between the two of them, they have four adult children; Joshua, Caitlin, Alyssa and Jared – and are happily known as Pepere & Honey to their Granddaughter, Peyton. Heidi and Andy live in Hollis and enjoy spending time at their Camp in Northern NH, working on projects around the house, 4-Wheeling, playing darts and cribbage.

Corey Garrison



It seems music of some sort has always been a part of my life! It started early with singing in church, school theatre, and a rock band too. Yes, I can hold a tune! A Maine native, I grew up on Mount Desert Island where I found my love for Maine and the great outdoors.

For over 25 years I’ve been on the airways of Maine Radio! My first radio “gig” was Alternative- Rock, introducing Kurt Cobain to the world. Classic rock taught me that ‘classic’ never gets old and Big-Hits was the gateway to every Saturday night house party (those listener calls were fun). For the last 13 years I have been on the Country radio airways and having a blast!

When I am not dancing in the studio (ask my co-workers, I really do) you can find me “UPTAH” camp with my favorite gal of 30 years and our bestie Cullen, our Mini Schnauzer. My 2 kids Peter and Hope are amazing humans. Life is good!


Favorite Foods?
Buffalo Wings, French Fries, Pizza, and candy (any candy). These have to fit somewhere is the 4 food groups, right?

Best vacation spot?
George’s Pond Franklin Maine (Chet & Babe’s Place - Family Cabin) or Brandy Pond in Naples Maine.

What is your favorite sports team?
Boston Bruins

If you could be any celebrity for a day, who would it be?
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Your welcome Mom!

Who is your celebrity crush?
Maren Morris

Guilty Pleasure Song?
Miley Cyrus – Party In The USA (….Don’t Ask)